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Article provided by: Hays Oil Company

Mighty Autoparts Jackson County Oregon

Mighty Autoparts Jackson County Oregon

Whether you have a fleet of trucks or just one, you need to care for and maintain it properly. You need a lot of various parts and equipment in order to keep it running safely and efficiently. Mighty Autoparts in Jackson County, Oregon is your one-stop shop for all your fleet vehicle needs.

Quality Automotive Parts

At Mighty Autoparts in Jackson County, Oregon we offer a complete selection of automotive parts. Our quality parts are categorized into various groups. We offer products in the following categories:  underhood, undercar, oil and lubricants, chemicals, car wash and detailing, tools and equipment and shop supplies.

We serve a variety of customers such as independent repair shops, quick service facilities, car dealerships, tire dealers and fleets. Our products include oil, air, cabin and transmission filters, brake pads, specialty lubricants, chemicals, wiper blades, light bulbs and more.

We carry Shell-branded coolant products including SHELLZONE conventional and multi-vehicle concentrates. We have lubrication equipment from Graco and Balcrank as well as MotorVac flush machines. These machines come with a full warranty.

In addition to products for fleet trucks, we also sell a complete selection of automotive parts for passenger vehicles and trucks. Our products are always the highest quality and are authorized for use aftermarket.

Transport, Off-Highway and Industrial Products

At Mighty Autoparts in Jackson County, Oregon we carry a selection of products for transport and off-highway vehicles and fleets. We have a large selection of conventional and synthetic engine oils that are designed specifically for your heavy-duty fleet.

In addition to motor oils, we also offer a range of other lubricants. We have transmission and gear oils that meet OEM specifications. This ensures that your warranty requirements are met and that you get extended use between drain intervals.

We also carry AW hydraulics and tractor hydraulic fluids for all applications. We have an extensive inventory of grease products so we are sure to have one that meets your needs. Our extended life coolants offer excellent protection for truck cooling systems.

At Mighty Autoparts in Jackson County, Oregon we cater to the needs of fleet owners and drivers. We have a very large selection of top quality lubrication choices for all of your needs. Mighty Autoparts is known for their top quality products and services. Mighty Autoparts in Jackson County, Oregon is a franchise owned and operated by Hays Oil Company and is called Western Pro Mighty.

Hays Oil Company is a multi-service petroleum supply company serving southern and central Oregon as well as the coast. We pride ourselves in offer the best quality products from top suppliers from around the world. We participate in the cardlock network so you can improve your fleet’s efficiency and cut costs to improve profitability.

Get the most from your fleet with help from Hays Oil Company. We are here to provide your fleet with the high quality products and services you need to keep your trucks running efficiently. Contact Hays Oil Company today for more information about our products and services.




Mighty Autoparts Jackson County Oregon
Hays Oil Company
Mighty Autoparts Jackson County Oregon
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Medford OR 97501

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